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Security of Star Wars with Derek Rook

The galaxy is in turmoil. Marginalized citizens grow tired of the ever present boot on their necks. They organize, they rally, they rebel! To maintain their hold over the galaxy, the Empire begins developing terrible weapons. They conscript a brilliant scientist who is known to harbor anti-Imperial sentiment. Wait...what? scene...

The rebels are caught in an Imperial space station. The situation is dire. Luckily, one of their droids plugs into a computer terminal, instantly accesses the Imperial network without proper authentication, and saves the day. Ugh! Next Scene!
In a desperate final action the Rebellion launches a last ditch assault against the Imperial battle station. With only outdated codes, all is lost. But they get through the security checkpoint?! Okay, does anyone bother listening to my security awareness talks?!?!

One week before May the Fourth (be with you), blast off at Wavelength Brewing to take an in-depth look at what really happens when we don't following common security advice. Professional Slicer (Star Wars-ese for Hacker) Derek Rook will be your guide as you explore the extent of these follies, including demos of real world cyber attacks!
Together we will rise as a new security power in the galaxy! Join us! It is your destiny!

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