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A-Z Trivia Tuesday: Mars Base & Mega Marvel Movie Madness!

"I have an army" "I have a trivia show..."

Every Tuesday I bring you a one-of-a-kind trivia show. And every once in a while we have a rare 5th Tuesday of the month. And we have one this month! AND it's right after opening weekend for Avengers: End Game. So let's do that! I'll be bringing you a special extended directors cut version of A-Z trivia, complete with extra questions and prizes!

Come and learn all about, through science, why building a Mars Base right now might be a terrible idea, and test your knowledge on what is sure to be the first of a three part movie supposedly ending an 11 year long movie franchise!

New to A-Z trivia? Each week we show a "Funducational" science video on YouTube. Our trivia then consists of 10 questions about the video, 10 questions on a Subject of the Week, and 10 random questions spanning from Cosmos to Cartoons! All wrapped up in an easy to follow multiple choice format using our favorite quiz app, "Kahoot!"

Later Event: May 3
The Worlds of Star Wars