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The Worlds of Star Wars

Wavelength Brewing Company is honored to welcome back Astrophysicist Dr. Lisa Will and Analytical Chemist Professor Shane Haggard for another great Friday Night Science Talk!

We're all familiar with scenes of the desert world of Tatooine and the cloudy skies of Bespin, but do planets like that really exist? With an ever increasing rate of exoplanet discovery, there is no shortage of far away worlds to examine and compare. Exoplanets that orbit binary stars are plentiful, and we've even discovered exoplanets around some of the closest stars to our system! Come learn about the strange worlds that are in a galaxy no-so-far-away!

Our Friday Night Science Talks are 100% free and all ages. As always, clear skies mean we'll break out the Big Friendly Telescope (B.F.T.) after the talk and peer into the cosmos! Hey, that's no moon...